About CSA

Incorporated in 1920, the CANADIAN SNOWSPORTS ASSOCIATION (CSA) is the National Ski Association (NSA) member representing Canada in the International Ski Federation (FIS).

The Canadian NSO Members represented internationally by the CSA are:
  1. 1. Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA)
  2. 2. Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA)
  3. 3. Canadian Snowboard Federation (CSF)
  4. 4. Ski Jumping Canada (SJC)
  5. 5. Nordic Combined Ski Canada (NC)
  6. 6. Telemark Ski Canada Télémark (TM)
  7. 7. Cross-Country Ski de Fond Canada (CCC)
  8. 8. Canadian Speed Skiing Association (SS)
The CSA also represents its' Associate Members of:
  1. 1. Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS)
  2. 2. Parkscapers (currently on hiatus)

Each discipline operates through regional divisions consisting of more than 750 clubs with over 117,000 members. The CSA represents its member disciplines within the Fédération International de Ski (FIS); Canadian Olympic Association (COA); Winter Sport Institute (WinSport); Fondation Ski Canada Foundation (FSCF); and the Canadian Ski Council (CSC), as well as numerous other agencies involved in the Canadian sport system and in addition the CSA interfaces and communicates with other National Ski Federations in over 105 countries.

The purpose of the CSA is to work with its members NSO in Canada according to the following principles:

  • Manage Canada's membership within the FIS.
  • Represent the CSA membership with those affiliations identified by the CSA Board and as requested by its members.
  • Serve as the collective voice for members and Canadian competitive snow sports.
  • Deliver optional services that benefit the majority of the membership.
  • Provide advice, assistance and optional operational services to members as requested and as is feasible and cost effective.
  • Manage Sport Accident, Liability, Directors & Officers and other insurance programs.

CSA continues to manage various 2010 Legacy Programs that it helped create including the Dave Murray National Training Centre in Whistler.